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Welcome to GameNanny for Steam®

"Game Nanny" is free, open source software designed to aid parents restrict what games their children are allowed to play and to manage multiple Steam accounts


  • Handles a family's single/multiple Steam® accounts
  • Allows you to safely share your household Steam® accounts
  • Logs in to and out of Steam® as you swap between Steam® accounts
  • Your Steam® information is safely encrypted and stored on the local PC
  • Hides your Steam® passwords from your children
  • You can block your children from playing certain games
  • You can block your children from playing at certain times
  • Simple double click selection to choose and launch a Steam® game
  • You can create unlimited "Game Nanny" accounts for all your children
  • Easily set up and control "Game Nanny" accounts on one PC or all your children's PCs on your LAN
  • Source code available
  • * Latest Beta: Dated: 9 July 2011
  • * Updated How To: Setup a Parent Game Nanny Account

** N E W   R E L E A S E - A V A I L A B L E **

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or bug reports, through the contact button or Game Nanny forums.

Game Nanny and Steam® on your PC


Screenshot of the main window

When used with multiple Steam® accounts.
Main Window

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